TikiTreasure Review – Is This GPT Site Legit In 2021?

by Mike Staples
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In this TikiTreasure review, I will discuss the pros and cons, as well as if this GPT site is legit in 2021. TikiTreasure is a well-established GPT site that has been paying since 2012. It has all of the features you would find on your average GPT site. The minimum cashout for PayPal is only $5.00 so it won’t take you long to get there.

I’m glad you stumbled upon this review because I’ll explain everything TikiTreasure has to offer so you have a better understanding of how they work.

What Is TikiTreasure?

TikiTreasure is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that pays its members to complete offers, surveys, and more. You can get rewards like PayPal, Gift Cards, and more.

Who Can Join TikiTreasure?

You can join TikiTreasure if you’re 18+ years old or 13+ years old with parental consent. As far as Countries go, I haven’t seen anything regarding that so all Countries can join.

Is TikiTreasure Free?

Yes, TikiTreasure is free to use and complete offers and surveys without paying a dime. They do have paid offers that you can pay money on to try different products and services, but this is optional.

How Can You Earn On TikiTreasure?

You can earn by taking surveys, trying new products and services, offer contests, or referring friends and family to the site.

Taking Surveys

Taking surveys is an excellent way to earn a considerate amount of cash everyday sharing your opinion with market research companies. Your opinion is put to good use so be sure to be completely honest with them as they are against fraud.

Trying New Products And Services

Try some new products and services like signing up for a new service such as Hulu for a lot of points!

Offer Contests

If you’re good at completing a lot of offers and surveys every day, then this is going to earn you a nice bonus for you!

Referring Friends & Family

Referring people to TikiTreasure is a really easy way to get more money quickly. Be careful about signing up other family members on the same internet connection however. You might have to contact them to confirm that.

What Payment Options Does TikiTreasure Have?

TikiTreasure has the following payment options available:

PayPal ($5.00 Minimum), Tango Giftcard ($5.00 Minimum), 3 Jackpot Entries ($0.25), 1 New Referral (100 Points), 7 Day Side Panel Ad (300 Points), 50,000 Banner Impressions (500 Points), and Amazon Gift Cards (500 Points).

TikiTreasure Review Final Thoughts

TikiTreasure is a well established GPT site that you can trust to provide the things you would normally find on other GPT Sites. The Admin is super nice and helpful to any questions you may have. I wish you luck and don’t hesitate to join this great GPT site.

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