Scrambly Review 2024 – Legit or a Scam? (Full Guide)

by Mike Staples
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Scrambly Review

Are you wondering if this website called Scrambly is right for you? It may or may not be, but this review should give you a good insight into what Scrambly can offer you for ways to make money.

You might be asking, is this site legit? And the answer is absolutely. Nothing convinces me otherwise, considering the amount of users getting paid daily.

After using Scrambly and trying it out, I found it easy to navigate through the website. There were only a small number of tasks to do for Android, iOS, and desktop at the moment.

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What Is Scrambly?​

Scrambly is a website that rewards its users for taking surveys, playing games, and other tasks. It doesn’t require any experience, and almost anyone can do it.

This rewards platform may not be suitable for everyone, although it could be beneficial for some. But, hopefully, you can make that conclusion soon enough with the information provided.

Who Can Join Scrambly?​

Only the United States and Canada can join the Scrambly platform. You need a Google account as well.

Not from either of these places? Scrambly is not an option for you, unfortunately. But there are plenty of other GPT sites that you can join.

How Do You Earn Money?

While there aren’t too many ways to earn on Scrambly, there are still some at the very least. Let’s talk about the ways you can now.

Apps & Games

Do you enjoy playing games and downloading apps? Check out the apps and games section to earn money playing them.

Typically, games will require you to play them while fulfilling the requirements to get rewarded. 

With apps, however, you usually get rewarded for downloading and using them for a certain amount of time unless specified to do differently.


To do surveys, you must complete your profile, which only takes 2 minutes. You will also get 100 coins for it.

After doing that, you can begin taking surveys. There are a few things to keep in mind, though.

Don’t rush through a survey, or you could get disqualified from completing the current survey. Speaking of which, sometimes disqualifications happen, and it’s not your fault.

It simply means you weren’t the demographic they were seeking. You can move on and try a different one until something works.

You also want to be 100% honest with your profile and when answering the questions.

Lastly, be aware of trap questions. They are in place to catch people who pick answers at random.

Daily Streak

Collecting your daily streak can be done by doing any task. You can repeat this daily for a bigger bonus for longer streaks. Why not earn some extra money for your already hard work?


Tell other people about Scrambly, and if they register for an account using your referral link, you will gain them as a referral.

You will get 10% of your referrals’ earnings for doing any tasks. The friends you refer will get 500 coins for signing up. Additionally, they get a 100 coins referral bonus.

For referring your friend, you will get 3000 coins when they make their first withdrawal.

How Do You Get Paid?

Assuming you already have enough in your balance to withdraw for a reward, you can do so by clicking on withdraw.

Some rewards have a lower minimum cashout, such as PayPal or Amazon gift cards at only $1.00.

How Much Money Can You Make?

You need to know how much time you can put towards doing tasks on Scrambly. Do you only have a couple of hours per day? Or maybe, on the other hand, you have more than half the day at your disposal.

The point is, I can’t give you an exact estimate, but a realistic outlook would be calculating your earnings over a week and tracking both the hours and the earnings daily.

Keeping track of these stats will give you a good idea of your average daily earnings and even hourly earnings to see if this is something that would interest you.

Is Scrambly Available On Mobile Devices?

Scrambly does have an app in the Google Play store for Android users. I thoroughly tested the app and found nothing wrong with it. Your experience, however, might not be the same as mine.

Can You Get Support?

You can request support from Scrambly by clicking the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the website. If you still need help, don’t hesitate to do so.

Select one of the suggested articles, scroll down, and click not helpful. Doing this will bring up the contact form to reach a human.

Final Thoughts

Scrambly looks promising, and it’s worth giving it a try. From my findings, you may only encounter a small number of tasks at the moment, but you can collect a daily streak, which will lead to extra bonuses.

Earning with this site is something most people are capable of doing, no matter the device you are using. I had fun writing this review of Scrambly, and I hope you learned something new from it.

Of course, if anything changes, it will be updated regularly, which might be worth bookmarking for later. I hope you have a great rest of your day or night, and I wish you tremendous luck with your journey with Scrambly.

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