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InstaGC Review

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So you landed on this InstaGC review to figure out the legitimacy of this GPT (Get-Paid-To) site and how much you can expect to earn from it? Not to worry, I will uncover everything there is to know about InstaGC.

You may already assume by their name that they offer instant gift cards. That is one thing they are known for, but they offer so much more than that, such as instant PayPal! 

I hope that my review of InstaGC brings insight into what you can do on this GPT site and how much you can realistically expect to earn.

What is InstaGC?

InstaGC is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that pays you to complete simple online tasks. You can earn gift cards and cash by taking surveys, watching videos, searching the web, trying new products and services, getting cashback, and more!

What is most significant about InstaGC is that they offer instant gift cards and instant PayPal, so you never have to wait to receive your rewards. I have cashed out numerous times and received my payment instantly into my PayPal account every time.

InstaGC Homepage

Who Can Join InstaGC?

Registration (where permitted) is open to residents 18+ years old or 13+ years old with parental consent. Permitted countries include all countries and regions supported by PayPal (excluding China and Vietnam).

What Are Others Saying About InstaGC On Trustpilot?

According to Trustpilot, a trusted source for genuine online reviews, out of 128 reviews with an average rating score, InstaGC is sitting at a solid 3.3 stars.

I can safely assure you that this GPT site is better than what the reviews are saying. You can only take some of these reviews with a grain of salt because there will always be trolls trying to have fun and spread false rumors.

How To Earn Points On InstaGC

Downloading apps, clicking on websites, getting cash back, taking surveys, completing tasks, doing trial offers, watching videos, and more are all ways to earn points on InstaGC. We will now go over each of them in detail.

Earn Page


Surveys are great if you like to answer questions about different products and services that we use today. The payouts for surveys range from 10-500+ points, depending on how long it takes to complete them.

They can be fun sometimes, and it is a matter of answering the questions they have for you with accuracy and no speeding. However, sometimes they will disqualify you if you are not the demographic profile they are seeking.

Try not to be alarmed by this occurrence, as it is a normal situation. You will get used to this fast, but if you ask many other users or moderators in the chatbox, they will all tell you the same.

Just keep on trying, and you will learn the ropes fast! It takes time to get good at it, so try and enjoy the journey.

InstaGC Surveys


Watching videos is one of the easiest ways to earn money that InstaGC has! It really is as easy as it sounds, and if you already watch videos or tv shows online, why not give this option a try!

The points add up after a while and will allow you to cash out faster.


If you do not mind spending a few minutes looking at websites, you can earn a few points for viewing them. You will not have to put in much effort either, so why not give it a shot to increase your earnings?

InstaGC Clicks Page
InstaGC Clicks


As we can probably agree, almost everybody has a smartphone these days, so if you already download apps & games, why not give this option a try for some easy points! InstaGC offers you a few different options for earning with this method, so be sure to look around.

InstaGC Apps


Tasks are short and easy, and they will provide you with instructions on what you need to do in order to get credited on InstaGC. It has been some time since I have done them, but it consists of doing specific Google searches and reporting back the data they request for it as an example, but there are more tasks than that.

It does not take long at all, and it is super easy points for you if you like to do a lot of them, but as mentioned earlier, it is a little payoff, but if you do a lot of them, it will pay off in the end. If you keep at it, I am sure you will make a decent number of points.

Give it a try, as you never know if it is something you will enjoy doing!

Trial Offers

Try out new products and services at a discounted promo price if you have a few extra dollars sitting around collecting dust. They usually pay large amounts of points, but the best part is they can even pay for themselves in some cases!

Why not give this one a try if you feel like you could use extra points fast. Please be sure to read the terms for each trial offer before doing them to make sure you are interested in it and fully understand the terms before purchasing anything.

InstaGC Trials

Point Booster Codes

You will find point booster codes shared in the chat at random, so keep an eye out and enter the code provided in the promo code box fast!

They offer promo codes all the time on their social media as well. I am unsure where the promo codes will get posted or when, but I would definitely check their Facebook or Twitter page for that information periodically.

Refer Other Users To InstaGC

You can refer new users to InstaGC, and you will earn an extra 10% of every offer they complete for as long as they keep doing things on the site. If you have a lot of friends on social media, that would be an excellent place to start sharing your unique referral link.

You never know who might be interested in earning free instant gift cards and cash like you, and you will earn more points in the long run if you inform others about them. Just be careful not to be spammy in your promotion of it. After all, no one likes spam.

How To Redeem Your Points On InstaGC

Go to the redeem tab on InstaGC and select gift card store, other rewards, donate, point booster codes, printable coupons, or sweepstakes to redeem your points for rewards.

You can then exchange your points for instant gift cards, instant PayPal, and other rewards. You can receive payments via Instant Gift Cards, Instant PayPal, Check, Prepaid Visa Gift Cards, Bitcoin, and Donations.

Instant Gift Cards

Receive your gift cards instantly with InstaGC! No need to wait to get your code anymore.

Gift Cards

Other Rewards

You have these (4) options under other rewards. Bitcoin, Direct Deposit, PayPal, and Prepaid Visa.

Other Rewards


Request Bitcoin as a payment option.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is another option if you prefer to receive your money right in your bank account. I even did this in the past to get my money and had no problems getting my payment.

I would verify that your account and routing numbers are correct if using this payment option so that way there is no room for error on your part.


PayPal is a popular option with a minimum cashout of only $1. Your first-time payment will be processed manually within 1-7 business days. After your first payout request, you will begin receiving your PayPal payments instantly rather than man

InstaGC PayPal

Prepaid Visa

If you are only looking for a way to get ahold of a prepaid visa card, this will be the reward for you. The minimum amount required for these cards is only $5 or 500 points.


In the kindness of your heart, if you choose that you would like to donate your earnings to the charity of your choice, InstaGC allows you to do just that! There are many different charities to choose from, but the decision is yours to make.


Is InstaGC Legit?

InstaGC is in fact a legit GPT site. They also have a couple of unique features that others do not like their “Watch Videos” page and their “Instant Gift Cards” which others do not tend to have either.

If you’re looking for a solid GPT site for easy earnings then I highly recommend you check them out!

InstaGC Payment Proof

Alright, now you know a little more about InstaGC but what about payment proof? Does this site pay you a decent amount to complete these tasks? See for yourself below.

Attached are a few months of my earnings. Some months were better than others but it’s really up to you how much you want to try to earn every day or every week.

InstaGC Payment Proof
InstaGC Payment Proof

InstaGC Review Final Thoughts

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this InstaGC review and I certianly hope you have an enjoyable experience like I have been and continue to do so. They have a ton of different options for you to earn so you shouldn’t ever get bored. If you do however, check out out some of our other related reviews here!

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