GG2U Review 2024 – Is It Legit and Safe? (Full Details)

by Mike Staples
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GG2U Review

GG2U is a legit website to make money with. At first glance, it looks plain, but in a simplistic kind of sense. For gamers and those looking for extra income, this might help out.

This GPT site offers a variety of ways for you to earn money, making it a great site to check out. You still want to be careful and mindful of scam sites, but I am telling you now that GG2U is legit, and a safe way to earn money.

This GG2U review will answer many vital questions about how the site functions and ways you can make money.

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What Is GG2U?

GG2U is a GPT website promising to pay you for your activities like doing surveys and other tasks.

Completing tasks allows you to earn rewards, including cash. You’ll accumulate money in your balance, which you can cash out later.

I use it occasionally, although not as much as others. Nonetheless, I recommend trying something before making a final decision.

Who Can Join GG2U?​

Because they don’t specify who can join, many of you most likely can.

You have to be at least 18 years of age to use GG2U.

How Do You Earn Money?

GG2U has quite a few different ways to earn. These are easy tasks that almost anyone can do.

Offer Walls

Any of those boxes with the names of the providers are offer walls. The layout is clean and organized and makes for a comfortable user experience.

You’ll find many things to do here, like surveys, quizzes, games, apps, and more. Each offer wall is different, so explore until you find one you like.

Gaming Offers

Find a game from the list and get paid to play them. Every game has its requirements to get credited for playing them, so read carefully.

I’m a big fan of these kind of tasks because they’re fun, which makes it more appealing. Give them a try to earn more at a time.

Special Offers

These look to be software-related offers. If you attempt any offers from here, note that most are trials and must be canceled before the due date to avoid further membership costs.

If you occasionally forget to cancel trial memberships, I recommend leaving these alone, as there are plenty of other ways to make money on GG2U.


Answer questions and get paid for your opinion. With many survey providers to pick from, you’ll never run out of surveys, at least I hope not.

Survey disqualifications are normal if you run into that problem a lot. It happens to the best of us survey takers. 

Keep trying your best, and don’t sweat it if you don’t succeed at first because eventually you will.


Another great feature of GG2U is the videos page. Have you ever thought you could get paid to watch videos? It is easy to make money using the MM Watch feature from the MM Wall (Make Money Wall).

All you need to do is click the MM Watch box. It will bring you to a page with videos. Pick any video or genre, and you’re now on your way to earning.

Silver & Golden Prize Wheel

Earn tokens for a shot at the silver prize wheel for watching videos. Every 200 video points earned gives you one silver token. If you don’t want to spin the wheel, you can redeem it for 160 GG2U coins or ($1.60).

To spin the golden prize wheel, you must request five payouts. Then, you will be granted a golden token for a chance to win up to $7.00.

How Do You Get Paid?

You can earn GG2U coins that are redeemable for cash and other rewards. Once you reach the minimum of $7, you can redeem your GG2U coins.

The options available here are limited, but as follows. PayPal, Coinbase, and Gift Cards.

Payments are not instant and will take a few days to process. I’ve noticed it takes approximately 2-3 days to get paid.

How Much Money Can You Make?

It may be worth using GG2U to earn money if you can commit many hours to completing surveys and playing games. The amount you can make is up to you, but also how many tasks are available.

If you dedicate your time to completing as many tasks as possible, GG2U could be a worthwhile side hustle. Don’t expect it to replace a part-time or full-time job, but it will add up fast the more you do on it.

Is GG2U Available On Mobile Devices?

At the moment, there is no app available for GG2U. An alternative option is to access the website using your mobile browser. 

It still functions similar to how it would on a desktop, but it has its challenges.

Can You Get Support?

To get support for an issue or question, scroll down to the bottom of the website, and in the footer, you will see a “contact us” link. Replies typically take 24-48 hours, but it could take longer. 

Be as patient as you can if you decide to send an email. In case you need an immediate response, or at least quicker. You can use the live chat support on Discord.

Final Thoughts

While GG2U doesn’t have as many ways to earn as some other sites, it’s not that bad from what I’ve seen and tested. The functionality works fine, payments are relatively quick, and support is always available when you need it.

GG2U offers various tasks with decent earning potential. The opportunities available may vary depending on your country.

With all that said, this may or may not be the right opportunity for you. But, it has a great potential to earn you a decent amount of cash.

I’m so glad I was able to be of any help to you and was able to answer most of your important questions. Hopefully, GG2U gets you more money in your pocket, and if not, there are plenty of other reviews to check out.


Stranger May 11, 2022 - 6:22 pm

Hi thanks for your guide I’ve been following and joining your recommendation for a while now and the only ONE site I’ve hate is gamermine because they just treat me like garbage while the others are fine and make quite good dollars from all of them. Thanks

Mike Staples May 14, 2022 - 11:47 pm

Thank you for your comment and kind words! I’m so glad you found a nice site to use and earn money with. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out via the contact form.

Kacou September 21, 2022 - 11:01 am



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