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by Mike Staples
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Gain.GG Review

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With GPT (Get-Paid-To) sites being popular these days, we all want to know what the highest paying ones are, and this is where this review will help you with this.

I have been using for the past few years and counting. I am glad we are spotting more custom-designed GPT sites such as this one. They are way more attractive from the user experience side, and it makes earning on them more fun because of the new and exciting features they bring.

Now enough with my introduction to and my experience with it. Allow me to answer some critical questions about this GPT site. If you have any more questions about how this GPT site works or feel I missed something, please do not hesitate to reply to this post.

What is is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that pays its users for completing tasks on the site. In return for doing these tasks, you earn and collect coins. You can redeem these coins for real money and other rewards once you have accumulated enough.

What’s pretty neat about GPT sites is that almost anyone can do it, and you don’t need any experience either! Just create an account, verify your email, and start earning and learning as you go. All of this does, however, depend on what earning opportunities are available for your country.

Who Can Join​

You can join if you are 18+ years old or 13+ years old with parental consent, and you must reside in any of the following Countries:

US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Spain, France, New Zealand, Portugal, and India.

Is Free? is free to use. You will never have to spend money to make money with this GPT site or any GPT site for that matter. Instead, coins get earned by completing offers, and most of them do not require purchases.

You do have the option to participate in trial offers, which are mentioned shortly in this review, but it is optional. Everything else on GPT sites is free to do, so don’t worry about accidentally doing them because you would know.

What Are Others Saying About

Let’s see what others have to say about to get further insight on their reputation. The first place I like to look is Trustpilot. Expectedly, is rated very highly for its stunning GPT site. Let’s go over the stats in thorough detail regarding their Trustpilot reviews.

After checking Trustpilot, I could see there were 376 total reviews. Those 376 reviews gave a 4.4-star average rating which speaks a lot for their reputation. If we look even closer, out of those 376 total reviews, 77% of users gave an excellent rating, 7% a great rating, 3% average, 2% poor, and 11% bad.

As you can see, there are many happy users on who are earning money every day. Some reviewers who had their accounts banned for their actions will complain about it on Trustpilot, and that’s just something you will see from time to time on these reviews. Try to look at them as a whole and take the average user’s opinions on this site.

Can You Get Support From has a way for you to receive support through their chat feature. Just click on the support tab in the chatbox on the right-hand side. Type your questions there and communicate back and forth to them.

I’ve used support before, and they seem to answer my questions with a swift response with no issues. You’ll know if you have a new message from them if you have your sound on because it will play a loud ding noise to notify you of an incoming message.

How To Make Money On

There are many different ways to make money on You will find out that the most popular way to make money on is by taking paid surveys. I’ll go over every way you can earn money with this GPT site so that you know what you’re getting yourself into beforehand.

Before going over these different ways to earn money, remember that the earning opportunities can vary depending on which country in which you reside. I would sign up and check just in case. I wanted to let you know what your earning possibilities are. There is no need to join right off to see them. Instead, you can view them right here in this review.

Offer Walls

These are offer wall providers that have extra offers and surveys. Think of this one as the new offers page with way more earning opportunities. You unquestionably want to check this one out if you’re looking for tasks other than surveys, although they do offer surveys as well.

The offer walls are pretty self-explanatory, so there’s not much to say about them. If you need support from any offer or survey completed from offer walls, you can contact their support directly from within the offer walls themselves.


Does answering questions sound good to you? Get rewarded for your opinion in this case! Market research companies are constantly looking for people similar to you to answer these surveys as long as you match their demographics. Don’t worry if you get disqualified from surveys because it will ask you if you would like to try another one.

Survey disqualifications are a common occurrence for everyone who takes surveys. The best rule of thumb is to keep trying until you feel like it’s time to take a break before coming back to try more surveys.

Keep in mind that it will be a lot harder to find surveys during the weekend as there are limited spots available for these surveys. Someone could take the last one as you’re completing it and present you with a message like, “sorry, we have reached our max capacity of submissions for this survey.”

These disqualifications only really apply for the weekend as you will see it much more at that time. It’s okay to take lots of surveys on weekdays without the likely chances of seeing disqualifications as frequently as you would on weekends, from my experience. Surveys

Watch Videos

Watch videos on through a provider called “” You will need to create an account over at, to start earning watching videos on This earning method is one of my favorite methods to make money on While it won’t make a ton of money, it does add up every week if you watch enough videos.

The most points I have ever redeemed from were 15,000. It took me about an entire month to save up that much, and it certainly didn’t happen in a week.

You can create an account over at right here.

According to’s notice above the “watch videos” section, it states:
Due to high volumes of fraud, all earnings above 4,000 coins get placed on a 30-day hold. Watch Videos

Claim a Bonus Code

If you join using my referral link, you will get a 100 coins ($0.10) welcome bonus. If you haven’t joined yet, you have the option to enter in someone’s bonus code as well. Claiming a bonus code is a great way to get started to get you closer to your goal and first cashout.

How Much Are Coins Worth?

Every coin is equal to $0.001. So every 100 coins are $0.10, 500 coins are $0.50, which means 1000 coins are $1.00.

If you have 10,000 coins saved up, that would mean you have $10.00 available to withdraw. Since most of the rewards available have a minimum cashout of $5, you can easily afford that reward option. I hope this simplifies things as much as possible about how much their coins are worth.

How Much Money Can You Make With

The amount of money you can make with is dependent on how many tasks you’re able to do. If you only have 2-4 hours per day, you can still make anywhere from $5-$25 per day/week. If you have more than 8 hours per day to spend on, you can make more than $5 per day and certainly make more than $25 per week.

I’ve seen some people (and this is rare) that can make more than $750 per month doing surveys and other tasks every day for several hours. These people who can earn that much money on spend a considerable amount of time that you wouldn’t believe. It’s not for everyone, and you would need a ton of patience to pull something like this off.

How To Redeem Your Coins On

Once you have enough coins and have reached the minimum cashout, you can redeem your coins by clicking withdraw via the menu up at the top. You have an entire assortment of different payment vendors.

There used to be a PayPal payment option, but now the only way to receive payment with is to cash out for Bitcoin and use Coinbase exchange to convert it to PayPal. They have a PayPal guide on how to do this that you can read by clicking on “PayPal Guide” at the very bottom of the website. I have demonstrated where to find this guide in the screenshot below.

Is Legit In 2022?

Yes! is legit in 2022 and always pays their members! I even have a payment proof attached coming straight from me, so you can see my latest payment as further assurance that they are legit. If you dig around the internet, you will also find that others are getting paid every time. It’s a great GPT site with the potential to earn you money from it, depending on your location, of course.

I hope that wraps up that question. I want to assure you that this company takes things seriously, and customer satisfaction is their number one priority. I mean, the support they provide is spectacular, in my opinion. Payment Proof

Alright, so you want to see some actual payment proof to see if actually pays? Not a problem! That’s why I like to write these reviews, to make you aware of all of the legit GPT sites out there, and show proof as an extra topping.

Here is the latest payment I have received from I will update it as needed to keep it relevant for this year.

FreeCash Pros & Cons

Icons made by Freepik from


  • Free To Join
  • High Earning Potential
  • Daily & Monthly Leaderboard Contests
  • Level Up Perks
  • Great Support Quality
  • 100 Coins ($0.10) Sign Up Bonus


  • Minimum Cashout For Most Rewards Is $5
  • Learning How To Do Surveys Can Be Frustrating
  • The Chat Can Be Quite Strange At Times Review Final Thoughts

I hope that I provided some value in this review and could answer some of your questions about it before joining. I know how confusing it can be when you’re new to something. The good news is that this GPT site makes things simple and will guide you through it. The members in the chat can also be helpful sometimes. I’d give the support chat a try if you have any further questions.

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