AdsRepay Review 2024 – Legit or Scam? (My Thoughts)

by Mike Staples
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AdsRepay Review

If you’re reading this review, you’re most likely wondering if this site is legit. After further inspection, I was able to test it out. Now I can give you my honest opinion.

AdsRepay is a legit platform to make money with. It didn’t earn me a lot, but it did earn me some. Now that you know it’s legit, let’s discuss further in detail about the website.

My review of AdsRepay will inform you of everything you should know before you start.

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What Is AdsRepay?

AdsRepay is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that rewards you for completing simple online tasks such as completing offers and surveys. Besides that, they even have a video network you can earn from just by watching the videos provided.

This site is an excellent way for almost anyone to make side money in their free time. Tasks are easy to follow, so no experience is needed.

Who Can Join AdsRepay?

As of writing this review, there are no exclusions, and everyone is welcome, so please be sure to check back in case anything changes. I’ll update it here as soon as possible.

What’s not to like about an international GPT site? The opportunities are endless, and even if your country has limited options, you can still join the party and start earning!

New users will automatically get 100 points credited to their AdsRepay account just for signing up.

How Do You Earn Money?

It’s easy to earn money with AdsRepay, and almost anyone can do it! There are several ways to earn points on AdsRepay, so the choice is entirely up to you based on what you enjoy or are good at.


Want to get rewarded for watching videos? This section will do just that. With many providers available, you have many choices. 

This section is pretty self-explanatory. Watch videos, earn points, and get paid.


Surveys are an excellent way to earn money on AdsRepay because you can do so many of them throughout the day, and the money adds up quickly.

Sometimes, you will get disqualified for a survey, which means they’re not looking for your specific demographic, or you may have been speeding through it.


Offers are also another great way to earn money. These activities include taking surveys, playing games, taking quizzes, etc.

You can only complete each offer once, although there are a ton to do.

Not all offers will credit the same, and some may take longer.

Apps & Games

Do you like playing new smartphone games and trying new apps? Check out this section for all of those. You will see a single requirement or multiple requirements you need to meet to get credited.

Who doesn’t love earning money playing games and trying different apps?

Passive Income

The passive income section of the website is a place to earn passively with your computer or mobile device.

For example, one is called HoneyGain, and you earn money as you run the program or app. Sharing your extra internet bandwidth is how. 

I won’t get too deep into this one, but there are plenty of helpful guides for each provider under this section.

Promo Codes

Find promo codes on social media posts by AdsRepay. Using a valid promo code will grant you points. The amount depends on the promo code given at that time.


Tell your friends about this site and have them sign up with your referral link or ID. You will get 5% of your referral’s earnings and 2% of your referral’s earnings.

Referring friends is a great way to help you get to your next payout. You’ll also be helping them with another way to make money.

How Do You Get Paid?

Currently, AdsRepay offers PayPal, Tipalti, BitPay, and Amazon Gift Cards, but I’m sure we’ll see more options rolling out at some point. You can always check back here to see if anything changes.

How Much Money Can You Make?

The earning potential when using AdsRepay is not as great as you’d think. You will make some side money, but not enough to pay your rent.

But, to know, you must first figure out how much time you have in a day to do these tasks. Also, how many options are available for you to earn from?

Start here, and track your overall earnings as you go. You’ll have a decent idea of what your earnings look like.

Is AdsRepay Available On Mobile Devices?

AdsRepay doesn’t have an app, but you can still use the website within your mobile browser. It still functions similarly.

I tested it out myself and had no particular issues that would affect one’s experience with the site.

Can You Get Support?

If you need support from AdsRepay, you can do so in the help center. Find the help center on the left-hand side navigation menu. From this page, scroll down. 

You need to click the support person icon with the red background. Once here, fill out your name, email, and your message. Someone will get back to you soon after sending the message to the support team.

Final Thoughts

AdsRepay is a website to earn you money online for doing tasks. It’s a more unique GPT site than you see nowadays and only has more potential to grow over the years.

I’m very impressed with AdsRepay’s custom design and the customer support they offer.

Please give them a chance if you need something new and different. As we all know, supporting smaller businesses does more than we know.

I wish you luck with your journey of earning money online! Thank you for reading my detailed review of AdsRepay. I hope to see you in the comments.

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