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ySense Review

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If you haven’t heard about ySense yet, then you’re going to enjoy this GPT (Get-Paid-To) site. In this ySense review, we’ll go over some of the ways you can earn on this site, some cool and unique features, and much more. I’m a fan of this site myself, and I’m sure you’ll like it as well once you hear about what they have to offer you.

Before we get started in this review, let’s begin with what ySense is, just in case you aren’t familiar with GPT (Get-Paid-To) sites. ySense is free to join, easy to get started, and almost anyone can do it!

What is ySense?

ySense is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that pays you to complete surveys, offers, watch videos, play games, and more! It’s completely free to join, and as mentioned above, almost anyone can do it due to its limited requirements. I’ll explain the requirements to join this GPT site below.

ySense Homepage

Who Can Join ySense?

According to ySense: ySense members must be at least 13 years old in the United States or at least 16 years old in any other country. If you are under these age restrictions, you may not register or participate on ySense, and if we discover you have an account it will be deactivated. Note: Age restrictions may vary by country.

No experience is necessary! That’s the great thing about these earning sites. Some countries aren’t allowed to join because of high levels of fraud, but be sure to check just in case. This status could change in the future as well. It all depends on the levels of fraud, unfortunately.

Is ySense Free?

Absolutely! This site will always be free to join and use. The only time you would have the option to pay money on offers is if you wanted to do the trial offers. These are just products and services you can try, and you will get rewarded for it. In some cases, you will only have to pay a small shipping fee, and other times, it’s a free trial at no cost, and you must cancel if you don’t want to get charged. I’ve done it myself in the past, and it’s completely worth it if you can remember to cancel.

What Are Others Saying About ySense?​

After checking TrustPilot for more reviews on this GPT site, I was able to find a lot of positive ones and only a few negative ones, which is quite normal. Out of 585 reviews at the time of writing this review, 65% of users rated ySense with an excellent rating, the following 11% gave it a great rating, and 6% said average. The last 2% and 16% said poor and bad for a rating. If you look at the percentages of the first 3, you’ll notice it doesn’t look half bad. That’s 4.2 stars for an average rating.

TrustPilot ySense Review

How Can You Earn On ySense?

There are multiple ways you can earn on ySense. One of the most common ways people like to make money on ySense is by taking surveys. The next most popular way to earn on this GPT site is by taking offers. Now, if you want an easy way to make money on ySense, watching videos is also an option which most of us do anyway.

ySense Earn


Take surveys and answer different questions while getting paid for your valuable answers in the process. If you have already done simple questionnaires or surveys for free online or on paper, they are similar but a little more in-depth. The good news is, the amount you can make on each survey will vary, so you could very possibly take high-paying surveys once you build up your demographic profile a bit. Regardless though, you’ll always find different payout amounts for different surveys.

Things to keep in mind when taking surveys:

  • Don’t give false information on any survey. Always use your legit information when giving answers to demographic questions and answering questions throughout the surveys. Doing this will ensure that you don’t get kicked from surveys regularly or, in the worse case, banned from the survey panel for repeated behavior.
  • Don’t speed through the surveys, as this behavior will likely get you kicked from them and potentially get you banned from taking them through the survey panel ever again.
ySense Surveys


If surveys aren’t your favorite thing to do, you can complete offers. The difference between offers and surveys is, you will find an assortment of easy and quick offers to do, rather than answering a series of questions. These tasks will sometimes entail filling out a registration form or simply entering your email. In some cases, you will have to confirm your email.

I know that you might be concerned about spam, and this is where these quick tips come into play.

  • Create a brand new email to prevent your personal email from getting tons of spam sent to it. Trust me on this one when I provide you with this tip. You DO NOT want that much spam sent to your email’s inbox. It looks terrible, and it’s super hard to sort through, especially if you need to see your important emails. Make sure you create a separate email as mentioned and use that separate email when completing offers.
  • When completing offers, don’t speed through them. Just take your time and be natural about it for best practice, and improve your chances of getting credit for doing it.
  • Use your legit personal information, and don’t lie when completing offers. Doing this will only hurt more than do good. You can use a separate email, as mentioned above, and potentially use a different phone number separate from yours but don’t just use a random number.
  • Make sure to check for a confirmation email from the offer you are taking and click on it. You are doing this just in case that is a requirement. Usually, it will tell you if it’s a requirement, but it’s best to do it anyway just in case to improve your chances of getting credit.
ySense Offers
ySense Offers Page

ySense Watch (Watch Videos)

Watching videos is one of my favorite ways to earn money because of how easy it is to get started. Especially since most of us already watch videos on different social media platforms. To get started, head on over to the offers tab.

Offers->ySense Watch

When you’re on this page, click earn, and then click discover content. If it asks you to enable popups for that site, then follow the instructions on the page to learn how to do that for your browser.

After enabling the popups on your browser for this site, re-click on discover content to start viewing videos. You will notice a new tab open up, and the browser tab on the videos page you were on turns into a countdown timer.

View the video content for that duration until the timer expires, and then you’re going to want to click “next page” on the browser tab with the timer. You’ll notice a series of steps, meaning videos that you must watch before you can get credit. Complete all the steps on the timer page, and you’ll receive credit for watching the video content.

ySense Watch Explore Page
ySense Watch Explore Timer
ySense Watch Explore Video Page

Offer Walls

 With offer walls, you will find even more offers & surveys to do. You will notice numerous offer wall providers with popular and known names like AdGate, OfferToro, Adscend, Peanut Labs, and more! There are tons of great choices to pick from, but it’s ultimately up to you on which provider you’d like to use. I use a handful of different ones to maximize my earnings.

ySense Offer Wall AdGate
ySense Offer Wall OfferToro


These are bonuses that can be applied to your account if you choose to, which in turn will boost your earning potential. To find and activate a bonus offer navigate to the following menu tab:

More->My Bonuses

It specifies that you must activate some bonus offers for them to become active. These are good opportunities to earn even more money on ySense for your time.

ySense More Tab Addons
ySense Bonuses


Addons aren’t technically considered an extra earning opportunity but rather a way to be notified when new surveys or appen tasks become available. It’s essentially a browser addon/extension available for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. It says it’s for desktop browsers only and that it’s not available for mobile platforms. You can find it by navigating to the menu tab and going to:


The benefits of using this addon/extension are that you can see your current earnings balance, earnings from today, yesterday, and your total lifetime earnings. Aside from that, you can see how many surveys or tasks are available to complete. Lastly, you will always receive notifications when a new appen task becomes available.

It even says the benefit of these notifications is you will see these tasks and surveys before anyone else, which makes this addon/extension a must-have!

ySense More Tab Addons
ySense Addons

Affiliate Program

If you’re trying to maximize your earnings on ySense, referring people to this GPT site is one way to do just that. Share your unique affiliate link with anyone who is not living in your household, and when they sign up under you, you’ll earn up to 30% recurring commissions on what your referrals make. I say no one in your household because ySense only allows one person per household.

For each referral that becomes active, you will earn a signup commission of $0.10 or $0.30 from select countries, which you can find on their affiliate program page. Once your referrals make their first $5.00 (excluding commissions and bonuses), you will also earn an extra $2.00* bonus! This information is all mentioned on their page as well.

ySense Affiliate Program

How Can You Redeem Your Earnings?

To redeem your current earnings, head on over to the cashout page found on the menu. Once you arrive here, it’ll be a layout of boxes for different payment options. You’ll see their logos associated with them, so it’s super easy to find the payment option you’re seeking.

The minimum cashout amount for PayPal is $10 and goes all the way up to $250 if you would like to request more. Other rewards are varying amounts. Some are $5 minimum, others are $10 minimum, and others could be upwards of $25-$50 minimum.

ySense Cashout PayPal
ySense Cashout Skrill
ySense Cashout Amazon
ySense Cashout Google Play

Is ySense Legit In 2021?

That’s an important question to ask when it comes to GPT sites, and to answer your question, yes, ySense is most certainly legit in 2021. ySense is a very reputable company, and there is no need to worry about asking this question again. You’re in the right hands if you are a member of any of Prodege’s GPT sites.

Final Conclusion of ySense

ySense is going to be an excellent option for those trying to earn money online and be able to do something that fits them since there are so many options. When it comes to GPT (Get-Paid-To) sites, there is always something to do no matter what your country is.

Give it a try and see what you’re capable of, and you might surprise yourself. When I first started many years ago, I didn’t know anything about GPT sites, and I asked A LOT of questions in the chatbox, looked up tutorials, etc.

Well, you’re lucky to arrive here at this review because I sum things up in a simple way and try not to overcomplicate things. You’ll learn a whole bunch of tips and tricks throughout all of my reviews. There is no need to search endlessly for information when you can find it all right here in one place.

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