What Is A GPT Website?

What Is A GPT Website?

What is a GPT Website? What does any of that mean? What do these websites offer? These are all great questions, and I’ll answer all of them for you in this post. 

First we’ll start with “GPT”. “GPT” stands for “Get-Paid-To”. All that means really is that these websites are paying you to do certain tasks on them. You’re getting paid to do something. It’s really that simple. It’s just an industry standard being used still to describe these websites.

You can earn on GPT Websites a whole bunch of different ways. Most commonly, you’ll find surveys, videos, click offers, cashback, trials, downloading apps & games, and more. Some will offer the same kind of ways to earn, while others are completely unique and offer much different options.

Other common ways to earn besides completing the above tasks are promo codes, offer & referral contests, giveaways, and referring other users with your unique referral link. I’m sure there are a few other ways not mentioned here, but I’m only mentioning the most common in case you have no idea what GPT Websites have to offer.

How long Have GPT Websites Been Around?

GPT Websites have been around since as early as the 2000’s, and have proven to be an extremely effective way to offer advertisers an affordable way to get sign ups, etc, but also offer the users a nice and easy way to rack in a few bucks here and there for your free time. There are new ones that do pop up from time to time, however, be careful and make sure that the site is paying, we will always notify you if a website has turned into a scam. This reason alone is why we don’t always typically promote brand new websites. We do promote a lot of older ones that are still around that we know you can trust.

Conclusion About GPT Websites

GPT Websites are clearly an easy way to snag a few dollars when you’re in a pinch, or would just like some extra spending money. I highly suggest you check them out as it’s been around for such a long time, and we have no idea how long they will actually be around for. I just know that they still have some age left so take opportunity! 

You can find new and established GPT Websites on our homepage or on our GPT & Rewards Websites Wall. I hope you learned a thing or two about what a GPT Website is and what they are all about. Be sure to check out our FAQ’s section in case you have any other questions! 

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