SurveyGPT Review – A Brand New GPT Site With High-Paying Surveys

by Mike Staples
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SurveyGPT Review

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So what’s going on with all of this discussion about this brand new GPT site called SurveyGPT? Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place because, in my SurveyGPT review, I will cover everything there is to know before joining, so you know what to look forward to before creating an account on SurveyGPT.

 I’ll be honest, I was a little out of the loop on this one, but when I saw it at first glance, I knew I had to make a review on this GPT site.

If you haven’t joined SurveyGPT, then you should! Why? Because it’s brand new, and when a GPT site is brand new, that usually means tons of promotions like contests, promo codes, and more exciting earning opportunities.

What is SurveyGPT?​

SurveyGPT is a brand new GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that will pay you for every survey or task you complete.

How Does SurveyGPT Work?

You complete surveys and other tasks on SurveyGPT and get rewarded in the form of points. These points can be converted to cash at any time by going under the account tab in the navigation menu and clicking on convert points.

Who Can Join SurveyGPT?​

Upon checking the SurveyGPT website, I did not see any restrictions on who can join, so as far as I’m concerned, everyone is allowed to join SurveyGPT.

Is SurveyGPT Free?​

Yes, SurveyGPT is free to join and use and will not require you to pay anything to use and earn on their website.

What Are Others Saying About SurveyGPT?

There aren’t a lot of reviews or others talking about this GPT site enough since this GPT site is still very new on the internet, but when that changes, you can be sure to see the update reflect here.

Can You Get Support From SurveyGPT?

Yes, and you have two ways of contacting SurveyGPT support. The first way is to create a trouble ticket which is nothing more than a messaging system used to communicate on SurveyGPT. The other option is sending SurveyGPT support an email.

How To Earn Points On SurveyGPT

With SurveyGPT, there are a large number of earning opportunities available for you to make money, and I’ll be covering each of those ways now.

Offer Walls

Offer walls are where you will find hundreds of different tasks to complete coming from many providers. Depending on the provider, the offer wall tasks will be unique, and you won’t find the same offer on another offer wall. SurveyGPT currently has 24 offer walls to earn with, and I only see that number growing in the future.


Fill out your demographic profile to get started with completing surveys and take as many as you would like per day. These are relevant questionnaires that match your demographic profile and are used to improve the products and services we see and use today, so you’re doing a huge favor and getting rewarded for your opinion. After each successful completion, you will receive the number of points promised for taking that survey.

SurveyGPT Promo Codes

These are unique codes that can get redeemed on the promo code page. You will find these promo codes posted on their social media accounts as well as in your inbox on SurveyGPT from time to time.

Offer Contest

Are you interested in earning more money by competing against other users? If so, the SurveyGPT offer contest will be just right for you, and it’ll be extra motivation in the process. You will win the prize amount shown for your placement, but make sure to follow what the rules say so your offer completions/earnings count towards the SurveyGPT offer contest.

Referral Contest

Refer the most users to SurveyGPT and win a prize! Referral contests are helpful if you know someone or a group of people that are already interested in making money online, as it shouldn’t be too difficult for them to get started. You could even make a YouTube video and help other people with the questions they may have before getting started.

Affiliates / Referrals

Refer other users to SurveyGPT and earn 15% of your level 1 referral earnings. Get creative and share your referral link with others, but don’t be spammy about it. Trust me when I tell you, nobody likes spam.

How Much Are Points Worth?

Every point is equal to $0.01. That would make 10 points $0.10, 100 points $1.00, and 10,000 points $10.00.

How Much Money Can You Make With SurveyGPT?

It is entirely up to you how much money you can make with SurveyGPT and what earning opportunities are available in your country.

How To Redeem Your Points On SurveyGPT

The first thing you must do before you redeem your points on SurveyGPT is to convert your points to cash. To do so, head over to the navigation menu and go under Account -> Convert Points. After converting your points to cash, go under Account -> Withdraw. The minimum cashout is $5.00 for most rewards.

Is SurveyGPT Legit In 2022?

I am still new to SurveyGPT as I have recently joined, but as soon as I earn enough points to cash out, I’ll be sure to post payment proof here and update the review to reflect my opinions on this GPT site more. I can, however, assure you that many others have already gotten paid, and SurveyGPT looks very promising, even being new to the scene. It shouldn’t take long to reach the minimum cashout, and then I can tell you more information.

SurveyGPT Payment Proof

As mentioned above, I am still new to SurveyGPT, and I will update my SurveyGPT review with my most recent payment proof attached as soon as I reach the minimum cashout of only $5.00.

SurveyGPT Review Final Thoughts

The bottom line is if you are looking to earn money with SurveyGPT, this is a solid and promising GPT site that will make you money in your free time. With all the current promotions going on and it being new, I think it’s the perfect time to join and take advantage of everything that’s going on. Now that you know what SurveyGPT is all about, why not create a SurveyGPT account today and start earning towards your goal!

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