SlotsHurra Review – A Social Casino Website With Cash Prizes

by Mike Staples
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SlotsHurra Review

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Ever wondered how much money you could win playing slot machines online? If that’s the case, you’ll want to learn more about SlotsHurra, a new social slots website that’s causing quite a stir in the industry.

In my SlotsHurra review, we will uncover how this website works and all the information you will need upfront before getting started. I do, however, find this concept rather appealing, especially when your odds of winning are very high!

What is SlotsHurra?

Slots Hurra is a social casino site where players can win real cash prizes for playing! 

How Does SlotsHurra Work?

Play the live slot games and prize wheel game to win gold coins & compete in their 24-hour & weekly tournaments each week, where you can win real cash prizes every week! 

The weekly tournament runs over several days & offers a cash prize pool of $500 for the top 5 players with the highest coin balances at the end of the period. 

The 24-hour tournaments have a cash prize pool of $175 with the top 3 players & they also give away two lucky draw prizes each week of $25!

Who Can Join SlotsHurra?

Countries eligible to join are as follows: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and all European countries. You must be age 18+ to sign up and play!

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Is SlotsHurra Free?

Yes, SlotsHurra is free when you sign up and create an account because you start with free coins upon creating an account. You can, however, earn real cash prizes for holding the highest coin balance at the end of each period for each tournament. 

The 24-hour tournament gives away $100 to the winner! (min purchase to qualify $4 -2000 Coins) 

The weekly tournament also gives away $25 to two lucky winners at random at the end of the week.

Is SlotsHurra Available On Mobile and Tablet Devices?

Yes, you can access SlotsHurra via mobile/tablet devices. The experience should be very similar.

Is SlotaHurra Legit?

A huge yes! SlotsHurra is as legit and remains a trustworthy place to play slots and win real cash prizes for just depositing at least $4 worth of coins, and trust me when I say that the cash prizes are worth winning!

SlotsHurra Review Final Thoughts

Now that you know how this social casino site called SlotsHurra works, why not give this site a try since you have nothing to lose! To make things even better, you will also start with 1000 FREE coins when you join! 

So if you enjoy playing social slots online for fun & want to win real cash prizes, then head over and have a spin at today!

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