PointsBox Review: Is This GPT Website Legit In 2020?

PointsBox Review: Is This GPT Website Legit In 2020?

You may have heard of this new GPT website called PointsBox. It has all the ways you would earn on your typical GPT site, but their look might be something you’re not used to seeing.

In this review of PointsBox, I’ll go over all of the ways you can earn as well as the rewards they offer so you can find out if this site will be worth your time. Spoiler alert, you’re going to love earning with PointsBox!

PointsBox is a brand new GPT (Get Paid To) website that offers you all of the typical ways of earning that you’ll find on other similar GPT sites you may be using already.

What makes PointsBox more unique would be their custom design. It’s not something you’re probably used to seeing, but I can tell you that the navigation is super easy to follow along with and it’s overall pleasing to look at. I don’t see any issues with navigating through the site.

Who Can Join PointsBox?

You must be at least 13+ years of age to join. As far as Countries that are allowed to join, I couldn’t find anything stating only certain countries are allowed, so anyone is safe to join as far as I know.

How Can You Earn On PointsBox?

You can earn on PointsBox by taking surveys, watching videos, completing offers, downloading apps & games, or using the offer walls for even more options to earn points. As stated above, the methods of earning are very similar to other GPT websites if you’re already on another site, you shouldn’t have a problem.


Surveys are one of the easiest and most popular options to rack in some quick points. Market research companies will pay these website owners to host these surveys on their site and for every survey you complete, you get paid the amount shown.

You will get disqualified quite a bit at first, usually being due to a false match according to your demographics, and other times it could just be that it’s been filled already, or you’re rushing too much through them.

Either way, taking surveys is a great way to introduce yourself to a nice and easy side gig to make practically as much you’d like on a given day.

Watching Videos

Watching videos is another great option for easy points. This one will be done via Hideout.tv. You’ll have to sign up for an account and verify your email. Once done, you’ll just pick a playlist and leave it running in the background of your computer. There will be an occasional captcha but it doesn’t pop up until at least an hour or so later which is nice.

Completing Offers

This is where you’ll find offers from different companies offering digital and physical services. You’ll pay for whichever offer you choose and they’ll reward you with a huge amount of points. An example of this would be the Hulu offer.

All they expect you to do is sign up for a new account on Hulu, pay the $5.99 price, and you’ll walk away with even more money than you paid for that service. There are however certain offers that you won’t make a profit on but you’ll at least make a portion back and in some situations, you’ll just break even which is a win-win.

Downloading Apps & Games

You can get paid to download apps if you’re into that more than the other ways. I only see one offer as this review is being written but if you’re looking for more apps and games to download, offer walls will be your best friend.

They may or may not add more to regular offers section but as stated, offer walls are always going to have more options for that than any other since it’s been the new trend for a while now.

Offer Walls

Offer walls are just separate sections from different partners that contain even more surveys, regular offers, trial offers, etc. It’s just a new trend that made the regular offer sections go away and onto the new app-like approach.

What Payment Options Does PointsBox Have?

PointsBox offers a limited amount of options if you’re into online currency such as PayPal, Bitcoin, etc. If you’re into gift cards though, they have a few popular options like Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Playstation Store Card, and Google Play. ‘

It may not seem like a lot of options right now but keep in mind that they’re still in the beta stage and more featured and upgrades are likely to come in the future.

Payment Proof From PointsBox

I don’t have any payment proof at the moment as I’m still pretty new myself but as soon as I’m able to cash out for that wanted Amazon Gift Card, I’ll be sure to attach that here.

PointsBox Final Thoughts

PointsBox is a neat and new GPT site and I think you’ll really enjoy this one if you’re already familiar with other similar GPT sites. You can join PointsBox by clicking the “Join PointsBox!” link below. Thank you so much as all of the comissions are used to further benefit the site to help provide a thoughtful insight of future GPT & Rewards Websites. 

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