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by Mike Staples
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Peoples GPT Review

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Are you looking for a GPT site that accepts most countries? Look no further than Peoples GPT! That’s just one of many reasons to join, but let’s discuss the important stuff about this site.

In my Peoples GPT review, you’ll learn the many ways you can earn money and how to cash out your earnings. Let’s start with the most common question you might have.

What is Peoples GPT?

Peoples GPT is a classic-looking GPT site with a simple layout for easy navigation. What’s to like about PeoplesGPT is the contests. They always have “4” different ones running, which is more money in your pocket.

Who Can Join Peoples GPT?

Anyone can join Peoples GPT, except Vietnam, which is coming straight from the owner, so I assure you this is a 99% international GPT site. Feel free to join anytime!

How To Earn Money On Peoples GPT

Well, there are many ways to earn money on Peoples GPT, but I’m sure you would like to know which ways you can make money on this site first. So, what are the ways you can earn on here? It might not be the answer you’d expect, but here goes.

As I stated earlier, the navigation is super easy to figure out since it’s so simple. The thing is, there is only one section where you will find ways to earn. That would be the offer walls. The big box of different names, such as ayeT-Studios, AdWorkMedia, and AdGem, to name a few popular ones.

Since there is not much to say here in this case, I can at least finish off by saying that surveys are the most popular method of earning, so you’ll likely find a lot of them on some of the offer walls, but you’ll have to see for yourself and try all of them.


Surveys get hosted on different offer walls. In this case, you will have to search each of them to find out where the surveys are hiding. I wish I could be of more help here, but that’s the only section to find surveys.

Offer Walls

The second would be downloading apps/games and fulfilling the requirements for each of them. These types of offers are found on the offer walls as well. Which offer wall you choose is a personal preference.

I recommend looking for different games for both Android & iOS devices. These games pay a lot for your time fulfilling the requirements for credit.


Compare which offer wall provider pays more if you find a duplicate of a game, but don’t do it twice.


You can compete against other users and try to complete the most offers before the contest resets and determines a winner. You will see “4” different contests. Offer contest, PTC contest, referral contest, and jackpot.


You will earn 5% of everything your referrals earn. Although this may not seem like much, you can help yourself get to the minimum cashout much quicker. It helps if you have friends or family members outside of the household on a different internet connection who would not mind joining under you. It will definitely help you win the referral contest. Give it a try!

How To Cash Out Your Earnings

Cashing out your earnings can be done by going under the tools section of the navigation menu and clicking withdraw earnings. You will see a redemption page with an option to cash out for PayPal. The minimum cashout is only $1.00.

Is Peoples GPT Legit?

Considering the extent of how long this website has been in business and its reputation, I can safely say yes. Don’t let the design make you feel wary.

Peoples GPT Payment Proof

I do not have any payment proof to show you, but when I cash out from Peoples GPT, I’ll be sure to attach it here.

Can You Get Support From Peoples GPT?

You sure can! Head to the support tab on the navigation menu and click (Trouble Ticket) or (Contact Admin). They are two different things, however. Need help with something related to the website? Your best bet is to stick with the trouble ticket option.

Final Conclusion of Peoples GPT

Hopefully, this cleared up some questions you may have had about this GPT site. I hope you find success with this GPT site, especially if you’re from a country where some GPT sites don’t allow it. I’m glad to have found another international earning opportunity for you, and I hope you bring many more.

I hope to see you in my future reviews, but until then, I wish you the best of luck with your earnings. Be patient with yourself, and I have no doubt you will be an expert in no time.

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