MoreSurveys Review – A Sister Site of a Known GPT Site

by Mike Staples
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MoreSurveys Review

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If you haven’t heard, a big GPT site in the industry has created a new website called MoreSurveys. It’s a sister site of one of the known ones called Now you have even more opportunities for you to earn money.

By the end of my MoreSurveys review, you will have almost all your questions answered, so you can start earning immediately.

What is MoreSurveys?

MoreSurveys, as its name suggests, is a website that pays you for your time doing easy tasks like playing games on your phone. Yes, surveys are one of the ways to earn, but there are far more ways than that.

Who Can Join MoreSurveys?

At the current moment of writing this review, the only countries that can join MoreSurveys are the US and UK.

You must also be 18 years or older to join.

How To Earn Money On MoreSurveys

With tons of ways to earn, you’ll always have something to do. Here are the different ways to accumulate money on MoreSurveys.


The most popular way to earn money on MoreSurveys is through surveys since it’s in their name. Okay, it’s more than just because it’s in their name. But it is a common way to earn money.

Fill out your demographic profile first and gain access to surveys, which are a series of questions asked to you for a reward added to your account in exchange.

Offer Walls

Discover even more offers, surveys, and more! Offer Walls are a great section to find mobile games. Complete the requirements of the games for big rewards! Give it a go if you are bored of surveys or aren’t having success.


The top 20 members who earn the most will win a prize. The prize amount depends on your placing in the contest. It’s something to look forward to even though this is still being worked on and hasn’t fully launched yet.

How To Cash Out Your Earnings

You can cash out your earnings when you have reached the minimum by clicking the withdraw cash button at the top right. The minimum is $1 for PayPal and $5 for Amazon + Skrill.

Is MoreSurveys Legit?

Yes, MoreSurveys is Legit. I can assure you of this because of their reputation from the other established GPT sites they own.

MoreSurveys Payment Proof

No payment proof is available at the moment.

Can You Get Support From MoreSurveys?

Yes, you can get support from MoreSurveys, and it’s easier than you’d expect. To contact MoreSurveys directly, you’ll want to open a support ticket. Find this by clicking on the help on the navigation menu. They will get back to you as soon as possible.

Final Conclusion of MoreSurveys

I hope you know more about how MoreSurveys works and how much you can make depending on the amount of work put in. It’s all worth it if you have extra bills or need more spending money.

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