Mode Earn App Review – Earn Money Listening To Music On Your Phone

by Mike Staples
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Mode Earn App Review

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So I’m using my phone as I always do, and I stumbled upon this ad for an app called Mode Earn. At first, I was skeptical, but what I’m about to share with you was the quickest $20 I have ever earned with any app on my smartphone.

Without any more talking so we can get straight into it, this Mode Earn App review will answer every burning question and tell you everything there is to know about the Mode Earn app.

What is Mode Earn?​

Mode Earn is an app that pays you for listening to music and doing other easy activities on your smartphone. Mode Earn makes earning money and other rewards wicked fun to do!

Who Can Join Mode Earn?​

Information is not available yet.

What Are Others Saying About Mode Earn On Trustpilot?

I found a whole bunch of reviews for Mode Earn on Trustpilot. Even though these are for their phone, it’s still related to the Mode Earn app, so it works out.

Out of 2,699 reviews, 79% of users gave Mode Earn an excellent rating, 12% a great rating, 6% gave average, 1% poor, and 2% rated Mode Earn bad. The total number of reviews gives Mode Earn an average rating of 4.6 stars, so if you ask me, this is a solid choice backed with tons of reviews from real users of the Mode Earn app!

Can You Get Support From Mode Earn?

Yes, you can, but it’s in a tricky spot. Head over to the “boosters” tab on the bottom. Once there, click the settings gear icon on the top right-hand corner.

When you scroll down, you will eventually see the support section where it’ll say ask for support, and it will bring you to an interactive automated chat-style support.

How To Earn Points On Mode Earn

To earn points on the Mode Earn app, I suggest you start listening to music since this is the primary and most used method. To speed things up, you can earn boosters which will give you a much higher earning rate while listening to music.

Earning points on the Mode Earn app is fun because listening to music is a popular thing to do in this world. But getting paid for it is an entirely different story, and I’m assuming most wouldn’t mind earning this way as it doesn’t require much effort.

Listening To Music

As mentioned previously, listening to music is one of the primary features of the Mode Earn app. There are ways to boost your music earning rate by using boosters, which we will discuss shortly in the review.

How Much Are Points Worth?

It’s difficult to tell how much each point is worth since all the rewards are worth different amounts. I can see that the smallest amount you can withdraw for PayPal is $6.00 for 13,500 points. 

To simplify things further, let me break down the costs for PayPal.

$6.00 PayPal = 13,500 points

$10.00 PayPal = 20,000 points

$20.00 PayPal = 38,950 points

How Much Money Can You Make With Mode Earn?

How much money you can make with Mode Earn is up to you and how much time you have on your hands. I will let you know that this app will not get you rich or allow you to replace it with your day job.

Mode Earn will, however, give you some extra money on the side for doing fun activities that don’t feel like a lot of work. 

How To Redeem Your Points On Mode Earn

Click on the “redeem” tab at the bottom of the app. Here you will see a giant catalog of rewards. You can even set one of them as a goal to motivate you and see your progress towards it along the way.

Is Mode Earn Legit?

Yes, the Mode Earn app is legit and will pay you for listening to music and other activities! I have tested this app thoroughly for an entire month, and I’m exceedingly impressed with how the app functions.

Mode Earn Payment Proof

I have attached my latest payment proof from Mode Earn to show you that this app does pay. The best part is it doesn’t take long to earn your first reward!

My first cashout of $20 PayPal took me four weeks to earn. You can cash out sooner, but I decided to save it.

While it took me four weeks to cash out, I know I could have cut the time in half and cashed out in 2 weeks by using the app more.

Mode Earn App Review Final Thoughts

As you can see, I am a fan of the Mode Earn app and its concept behind it. I also think this app is a great one to use simply because the Mode Earn app will help many people with limited earning opportunities in their area.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my review. Writing this review for the Mode Earn app has been an enjoyable task, and I hope this review has benefited you in some way. 

I hope to see you in my next review/blog post, but for now, please do enjoy this neat find as an easy way to earn money with your smartphone or tablet device.

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