MistPlay Review: Is This Rewards App Legit In 2020?

MistPlay Review: Is This Rewards App Legit In 2020?

MistPlay is a rewards app available for you to download in the google play store on your android device. This rewards app pays you to download and test out games from a whole bunch of different genres. What makes this app unique is that you can earn game badges for fulfilling specific requirements of the app you’re working on, and for doing that, they’ll reward you with extra (units), which is what MistPlay uses for their currency. Find out what MistPlay is all about and the features this app has to offer in this detailed review.

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to earn money playing different games on your smartphone or tablet? Well, with MistPlay, they make that possible for you! It’s as easy as picking a game you want to play, downloading and installing, and opening it up through the MistPlay app. It’ll track your progress, and you’ll get rewarded (units) for the time played as well as bonus units for completing specific requirements for that game. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a way to make a few extra dollars in your free time from doing what you already love to do, play games! Read more in our review about why this rewards app is super cool, and all the ways you can earn.

How To Earn On MistPlay

Earning on MistPlay is as simple as downloading your favorite game on their list, playing that game while leveling up on the MistPlay app, and completing the badges for some bonus units. I’ll explain more in-depth for each one but that’s generally the whole concept of this app.

Games Section

You can earn on MistPlay by heading over to the games section of the app. This will be the only way to earn on the app besides the extra bonuses and such. Here you’ll find a whole assortment of genres to choose from. Every game will offer a different amount of units based on their unit multiplier so be sure to pay attention to those 4 circles. The more circles that are highlighted the more units you’ll earn which will get you to your wanted reward faster of course.

Daily Play

Daily play is the number of days you’ve stayed active on the app as well as completed the 5 minutes of gameplay each day. The most days you can get up to is 7 and as long as you keep doing the 5 minutes of gameplay each day then you’ll keep getting that same reward for that streak. Try not missing a day or you’ll lose your hard earning daily streak. It’s happened to me before, so don’t be discouraged, just try and make yourself a daily reminder to check the app once a day, that way you’ll keep it for many days to come. Trust me, it’ll be worth it for earning a lot of units. You’ll get to your goal a lot faster this way.

Game Badges

Game badges a way to earn bonus units for completing specific requirements on the app you’re working on while also leveling up playing the game anyways. Think of this as like completing achievements in your favorite video game. It’s a way to keep you motivated when playing different games, and you’ll also earning a bonus for it. Keep up with these daily and it all adds up fast.


MistPlay has a section up top where they hold contests for everyone to participate in as long as you have done all of the requirements they ask. Not a bad way to see what you’re capable of while getting a huge chunk of change for it! If this sounds like something that interests you, I suggest you give it a try, you never know when you could be the next big winner!


You can earn units for referring other users to the app. If you have a lot of friends on social media, that would be a decent place to share it around, or if you make videos, why not make one about them! This is probably going to be one of the easiest ways to earn a little bit of extra units along the way to help you get closer to your goal.

What Payment Options Does MistPlay Have?

You can cash out on MistPlay for Amazon, Prepaid Virtual Visa, Google Play, PlayStation Store Card, Xbox Card, GameStop, iTunes, eBay, and Nintendo eShop Card.

The minimum amount for Amazon is only 400 units for a $0.50 card. All of the other gift cards range from $5.00, $10.00, and $15.00 amounts.

MistPlay Final Thoughts

I think MistPlay is a great app for seasoned android gamers. These apps you find on here aren’t going to be those low-quality games you might be used to seeing on other apps that would pay you to download and play them. These are very high-quality games that you may have already played in the past or are currently playing already.

Either way, I recommend this app to anyone who loves earning gift cards for playing games on their android device. It’s one that I am playing daily since I’ve found it and I’m certain you will too! It’ll be nice to see if they come out with some new features so we can keep enjoying the free money doing what we do best, playing games while keeping us entertained at the same time. Thank you for taking the time to view our review of MistPlay and we hope you found some of the information to be helpful to you. You can sign up to MistPlay by clicking the link below if you’re interested! 

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