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Have you ever wondered if it was possible to earn money playing games on your smartphone or tablet? Well, in this MistPlay review, you’ll find out how to do just that and how this is all possible!

Earning money with MistPlay is as easy as picking a game you want to play, downloading and installing the selected game, and opening it up through the MistPlay app. Keep reading this MistPlay app review to learn more about how this platform works!


  • Legit or Scam: Legit
  • Who Can Join:  Anyone with a Google Play account.
  • Signup Bonus: No
  • Payment Options: Amazon, Prepaid Visa, Google Play, Uber, Xbox, GameStop, PlayStation, iTunes, Starbucks, eBay, H&M, Nintendo, Spotify.
  •  Minimum Payout: $0.50 / 400 Units
  • Payment Time: Unknown

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What Is MistPlay?

MistPlay is a rewards app that pays its users to download, install, and play games on their smartphone or tablet. In short, MistPlay is a rewards app specifically designed for gamers. It’s both a great way to earn money and discover new games at the same time.

You’ll find an entire catalog of games from different genres to choose from, so you’ll never get bored using the Mistplay. The MistPlay rewards app is available to download right from the google play store on your android device.

What makes the MistPlay app unique is that you can earn game badges for fulfilling specific requirements of the app you’re working on, and for doing that, they’ll reward you with extra (units), which is what MistPlay uses for their currency.

Mistplay Review
Mistplay Review

How Does MistPlay Work?

MistPlay pays you to download, install, and play various games of your choosing right from your smartphone or tablet. You get rewarded in the form of (units) which can later get redeemed for real cash and other rewards such as gift cards. It’s as simple as that! You download your favorite games that they offer, and you get paid for your time. Not a terrible way to spend some of your time, huh?

Who Can Join MistPlay?

According to MistPlay’s terms of service, anyone who is 13 years or older may sign up and use their app. If you’re a resident from Korea, you must be 14 years of age or older to use their app.

Is Mistplay Free?

Yes! MistPlay is 100% free to use, and they will not charge you anything. The purpose of this app is to pay you to play the available games listed on MistPlay. The only situation where you would pay any money is if you were to make in-game item purchases, which you’ll know if you were doing. Other than that, it’s the best rewards app that pays you to play games.

How Do You Earn Units On MistPlay?

Earning units on MistPlay is as simple as downloading and installing your favorite game on their list, opening up the game through the MistPlay app, playing that game while leveling up on MistPlay, and completing the badges for some bonus units. I’ll explain more in-depth for each one, but that’s generally the whole concept of this app.

Please don’t expect to get rich from this app or make enough to quit your job because that’s not a realistic viewing of this earning opportunity. I would instead think of it as a means for an extra gift card or two every month, or even more. It depends on how active you are on the app.

Games Section

You can earn units on MistPlay by heading over to the games section of the app. The games section will be the only way to accumulate units on the app besides the extra bonuses they offer. Here you’ll find a whole assortment of genres of games to pick. Every game will pay a different amount of units based on their unit multiplier, so be sure to pay attention to those four circles. The more circles highlighted, the more units you’ll earn, which will get you to your wanted reward faster.

Game Badges

Game badges a way to earn bonus units for completing specific requirements for the game you’re working on while also leveling up playing the game anyways. Think of this as completing achievements in your favorite video game. It’s a way to keep you motivated when playing different games, and you’ll also earn a bonus for it.

Mistplay Game Badges

Daily Play

Daily play is the number of days you’ve stayed active on the app, as well as completed the 5 minutes of gameplay each day. The most amount days you can get up to is 7. As long as you keep doing the 5 minutes of gameplay each day, then you’ll keep getting that same reward for that streak.

Try not to miss a day, or you’ll lose your hard-earned daily streak. It’s happened to me before, so don’t be discouraged. Just try and make yourself a daily reminder to check the app once a day, then you can hopefully keep it for many days to come. Trust me when I say it’s worth it for earning a lot of units. You’ll get to your goal a lot faster this way.

Mistplay Daily Play


MistPlay has a section up top where they hold contests for everyone to participate in as long as you have done all of the requirements they ask. Not a terrible way to see what you’re capable of while getting a nice chunk of change for it! If this sounds like something that interests you, I suggest you give it a try. You never know when you could be the next big winner!

Mistplay Contest
Mistplay Contest
Mistplay Contest
Mistplay Contest


You can earn units for referring other users to the app. If you have some friends on social media that might be interested, that would be a decent place to share it around, or if you make videos, why not create one about them! Doing this will probably be one of the easiest ways to earn a few extra units along the way to help you get closer to your goal.

Mistplay Invite Friends
MistPlay App

What Are Units, GXPs, and PXPs?

You may be wondering, what are units, GXPs, and PXPs? Great question! This bullet point is the most basic understanding of what GXPS and PXPs are and what they are.

  • Units – This is the currency used within the app and can be exchanged for rewards in the shop.
  • GXPs – These are Game Experience Points, and you’ll earn these for playing games. The longer you play these games, the more Game Experience Points you gain.
  • PXPs – These are the number of Player Experience Points you have earned total from all of the games played on the MistPlay app.

How To Redeem Your Units For Rewards

MistPlay made redeeming your units for rewards super easy. All you have to do is head over to the shop tab, and you’ll find several reward options for different amounts. I was pleased to see that they had some popular options available for gift cards, but it was sad not seeing PayPal as an option. Hopefully, in the future, they will be able to add more payment options to the mix.

MistPlay Offers The Following Rewards:

  • Amazon 
  • Prepaid Virtual Visa
  • Google Play
  • PlayStation Store Card
  • Xbox Card
  • GameStop
  • iTunes
  • eBay
  • Nintendo eShop Card


  • You’re getting paid to do something you might already be doing.
  • No Ads; There are absolutely NO ads on the MistPlay app for easier usability.
  • It’s 100% free to use the MistPlay app.
  • MistPlay allows teenagers to sign up and earn on the app as long as they’re at least 13 years old and above.


  • Low earning potential; You won’t get rich or make enough money to quit your job from the MistPlay app.
  • It takes a while to save up a lot of units.
  • The rewards section only has gift cards.
  • No PayPal payment option.

Is The MistPlay App Legit In 2021?

Now the big questions you may be wondering about; Is MistPlay legit? Is MistPlay a scam? Those are both great questions, and rest assured, MistPlay is a legit app that you can use to earn some side money playing games on your Android device. You don’t have to worry about not getting paid either. Many users have already been paid and are continuing to be. They pay very quickly, too! I’ve been paid a couple of times already from them, and I plan to continue to use them in my free time while it’s still here. It’s free money anyhow, so why not give it a fair try?

MistPlay Review Final Thoughts

The final verdict here is that MistPlay is a legit app to earn free rewards, and I highly recommend it to anyone that already plays mobile/tablet games or if you’re into games in general. Now that you know, why not give it a shot and see how many units you can rack up!

Thank you for taking the time to view my review of MistPlay, and I hope you found some of the information to be helpful to you. You can sign up to MistPlay by clicking the link below if you’re interested! This MistPlay review will be updated if anything changes on MistPlay’s end.

Payment Proof

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Is There Another App Like MistPlay?

There isn’t an app like MistPlay that I have reviewed yet, but when I get around to reviewing another one like it, I’ll link to the post here.

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