Microsoft Rewards Review – Is This Rewards Site Legit In 2021?

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Is Microsoft Rewards legit? How much can I expect to earn from this rewards site? I’ll answer all of those questions in this Microsoft Rewards review. The one thing I will say is if you already search the internet with your favorite search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on, why not make some money from it in the process? Let’s go over some of the important details about Microsoft Rewards.

What Is Microsoft Rewards?

Microsoft Rewards is a rewards site run by Microsoft, previously called Bing Rewards. They pay you just for searching the web with their Bing search engine. I like to think of it as a fun way to earn a little extra money on the side while doing what I already do anyway.

Microsoft Rewards uses points as their currency for doing these searches and other tasks that I’ll go over shortly.

Is Microsoft Rewards Free?

Yes! Microsoft Rewards is 100% free and has always been that way. This is Microsoft’s way of giving back to us for using their Bing search engine.

Who Can Join Microsoft Rewards?

As far as their terms and conditions look, as long as you can create a Microsoft Rewards account, then you’re all set. That’ll be the first step to getting started.

How Does Microsoft Rewards Work?

Microsoft pays you in the form of points for completing searches on their Bing search engine, filling out quizzes, completing the daily poll, and more. I’ll go over each one in detail shortly.

How To Earn Points On Microsoft Rewards

You’ll need to create a Microsoft account first if you don’t already have one. After you sign in to your Microsoft Rewards account, you are given a whole bunch of ways to earn points. The first one we’ll focus on, of course, is the search feature.

Bing Search Engine

Earn points by searching the web as you may already do anyway. This is probably the easiest option to earn points for most people.

You can earn up to 50 points per day with the PC search option, which means doing web searches on the Bing search engine on any browser you are using. Each search performed is worth 5 points, which makes it out to be 10 searches per day.

You can also get a Microsoft Edge bonus by performing a single search using the Microsoft Edge browser on the Bing search engine. You can use Desktop, Mobile, or Xbox to perform these searches if you’d like to do it that way. Doing this will reward you with 5 points per day and up to 150 points per month.

Daily Offers

Completing daily offers will get you extra points faster for completing quizzes, polls, and other daily offers on the earning dashboard.

  • Quizzes – Earn 10 points for completing the daily quiz. They usually consist of 10 questions or less.
  • Polls – Earn 10 points for completing the daily poll. These can be fun to answer sometimes.


Earn points with online purchases made on the Microsoft Store. From renting movies to buying electronics, earning points from Microsoft Store purchases is made easy with Microsoft Rewards.

Play To Earn

Microsoft Rewards has a new way for you to earn with your Xbox console. Just open up the Microsoft Rewards app to discover new ways to earn.

Reward Goals

Setting up a reward goal is a great idea to motivate you to keep going until you get there. It’ll happen faster than you think but still requires a bit of patience.

You can set a reward goal by either scrolling down until you see “your goal” and clicking “set goal,” or you can click on the “redeem” tab. After you’re there on the rewards page, click on the goal progress bar at the bottom of the reward of your choosing and hit “set as goal.”

How To Redeem Microsoft Rewards Points

Head on over to the redeem tab found at the top left-hand corner of your screen below your name. Once there, you can see a ton of different reward options to choose from, including sweepstakes. I personally like to stick to the gift cards as they have more value to in my opinion. The choice is yours, though.

Is Microsoft Rewards Legit? Does This Rewards Site Actually Pay?

I can assure you that Microsoft Rewards is a legit rewards site. They’ve been around since the launch in September 2010. Since then, it’s proven to be a successful program that’s helped tons of people earn gift cards and more just from searching the web, doing fun little quizzes, and more.

So do they really pay? Of course, they do! This is Microsoft we’re talking about here! Do I recommend you join them? Absolutely! Any extra money is always something to be appreciative of, and although it won’t make you rich, it all adds up in the end.

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