MadMoneyGPT Review – Is This GPT Site Worth Your Attention?

by Mike Staples
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MadMoneyGPT Review

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MadMoneyGPT is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that has been around for quite some time now and is still a great way to earn money online in your free time. In this MadMoneyGPT review, I’ll discuss all the options you have to make money on MadMoneyGPT and what rewards they have available to redeem. Let’s go over all of the common questions you may have before getting started with this GPT site.

What is MadMoneyGPT?

MadMoneyGPT is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that rewards its users for completing offers, surveys, and more! There is usually something for people to do, so you never run out of ways to earn money with MadMoneyGPT.

Who Can Join MadMoneyGPT?

According to MadMoneyGPT’s FAQ, all countries are allowed to join, and I would presume that the age requirements to join are very similar, as in you must be 13+ years old with parental consent or be 18 years of age.

Is MadMoneyGPT Free?

Yes, MadMoneyGPT is free and will always be free if you decide not to participate in trial offers. Trial offers are essentially trial promotions for products and services or require you to pay a small shipping charge to receive that product at no cost to you other than the shipping.

What Are Others Saying About MadMoneyGPT?

I would typically go straight to TrustPilot for reviews to see what others have to say, but unfortunately, there aren’t any reviews for them on there. As I dug a little deeper, I was able to find other bloggers who are saying both positive and negative things but nothing on their legitimacy.

As far as payment proofs go, I honestly couldn’t find any up-to-date ones. Most of these payment proofs were from 2013, 2014, and so on. That said, it doesn’t tell us much about their legitimacy.

Can You Get Support On MadMoneyGPT?

Yes, to get support on MadMoneyGPT, go under Help -> Support. All that is required is a subject line and your message. Click submit, and you’re all set. You will get a reply within a matter of days.

How Can You Earn On MadMoneyGPT?

There are an incredible amount of ways to earn money on MadMoneyGPT. One of the most popular ways users can make money on MadMoneyGPT is by taking paid surveys. These are market research companies that provide a series of questions, and in some cases, a fun and interactive activity with questions at the end. The other most popular way users can rack in money on MadMoneyGPT is through offer walls. These are simply providers that display tons of offers and surveys on a wall-looking application.


Take surveys by answering a series of questions and get credited upon completion. These surveys provided by market research companies help improve the products and services we use today. It’s a win-win for both you and the survey provider.

When getting disqualified on paid surveys, please be aware that this is a typical occurrence. Not every survey will be a match, and nine times out of ten, it’s because they are not looking for your demographics. Do not get discouraged and keep trying until you find a correct match.

Offer Walls

Find 100’s of tasks to do on offer walls provided by different providers, each one having its uniqueness. Offer walls will be your best bet if you are looking for regular offers to do and aren’t a fan of surveys.


Take part in the available contests at MadMoneyGPT to earn even more money. These contests will typically change every month, but it all depends.


Earn jackpot entries by completing offers and surveys for your chance to win the jackpot prize.

Promo Codes

Find promo codes posted on their social media and enter them on MadMoneyGPT for bonus points.

Refer Other People To MadMoneyGPT

Refer other people to MadMoneyGPT and earn 10% of everything they make. You will also earn 1% of everything that your referrals’ referrals make.

How Can You Redeem Your Points On MadMoneyGPT?

You can redeem your points on MadMoneyGPT by going under Rewards -> Redeem Prizes or Withdraw $$.

Is MadMoneyGPT Legit?

Yes, MadMoneyGPT is legit, and they do pay. Although I have not received a payment from this GPT site yet, I have received payments from TikiTreasure, which happens to be run by the same owner.

MadMoneyGPT Payment Proof

As mentioned above, I have not received a payment from MadMoneyGPT yet, but have received several from TikiTreasure, a sister site of MadMoneyGPT.

Final Conclusion of MadMoneyGPT

MadMoneyGPT will put some extra money in your pocket, but will it pay the bills? Well, for most people, no, but for some, depending on your dedication level and what earning opportunities are available for you in your country, you sure can!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my MadMoneyGPT review, and I hope you found it beneficial, and I certainly hope I was able to answer some of your questions about this GPT site.

If you would like to create an account on MadMoneyGPT, click here.

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