Ibotta Review – Is This Cash-Back App Worth It In 2023?

by Mike Staples
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Ibotta Review

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Most of us shop online, but some still like to shop in stores. The same applies to grocery shopping. But does getting cash back for every qualifying purchase online or in-store (with a receipt) intrigue you? If you were to ask me this same question today or even five years ago, I would give you a sincere YES!

In my Ibotta review, I will cover everything you may want to know about the Ibotta app, with my own experiences with the app and my recent purchases with screenshots, so you get a further understanding of how the Ibotta app operates. Ibotta is easier to use than you think, and I would like to simplify it more so that nobody misses out on this brilliant cashback app!

What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is an app that gives you cashback for qualifying in-store and online purchases. Eligible items include consumer products from select retailers and food items from grocery shopping at select stores. Again, both online and local (with a receipt). 

Ibotta is essentially a coupon app but without physical coupons. The greatest thing about Ibotta is the ease of use and the simple navigation inside the app, making it easily useable by the average user.

Is Ibotta Free?

Yes, Ibotta is free to join, and so is the use of their app. Listen to this because this is a vital piece of information you should knowand the information is coming straight from Ibotta themselves. They say that Ibotta is free to use but required to assess fees to inactive and deactivated accounts to cover maintenance costs for your account. Inactive or deactivated accounts incur fees, deducted from your Ibotta account balance and NEVER from your personal bank account.

If you do not use your Ibotta account, redeem at least one offer, and receive cashback within six months from your last redemption, your Ibotta account will be considered inactive. If you had anything left in your account balance, you would be deducted $3.99 from your account balance monthly until the account balance reaches zero. My suggestion is to complete at least one offer every six months to be considered active and in the clear.

Would you like to read more of their terms of use? You can read more of it by clicking here.

How Do You Get Started With Ibotta?

First, you need to sign up for an account. Then verify your email by clicking the link received from Ibotta.

How To Use The Ibotta App and Earn Cash Back

All you have to do is find the store you plan on shopping at, browse the available qualifying offers (the items that are qualified for cashback), and hit the + button to clip those offers. Make sure you browse the offers available before shopping to know which items qualify for getting cashback.

When you hit redeem, it will ask you to take a picture of your receipt if you bought these items locally. You would also get cashback for any qualifying items purchased online because of the credit/debit card linked to the website with the retail store/grocery store in mind. Saving and earning money is made simple when using the Ibotta app.

How To Cash Out Your Earnings

To cash out your earnings on Ibotta, tap earnings in the top-right corner. Then tap the withdraw earnings button.

The minimum amount needed to cash out your earnings is $20. Ibotta offers the following payment methods: PayPal, Bank Account, and Gift Cards. It will take approximately 1-3 business days to receive your payment via bank transfer or gift card, but PayPal is instant, so be sure to factor this in.

My Personal Experience Using The Ibotta App

I wanted to share my experience using the Ibotta app and what I liked and disliked. Due to the fact that I am a budget-conscious person, you can count on my critical reviews of the Ibotta app. I love to save as much as I can on each shopping trip.

Having said this, my earnings from the Ibotta app had not been all that spectacular when I first started using the app. That was because I had no idea how the app functioned fully and was testing the app for the first time.

Like some of you, I was wicked eager and impatient to get started, so I only had about 2 or 3 qualifying purchases on my receipt. I did that a few times before my earnings skyrocketed, and all it took was just a few minor tweaks in how I was going about my shopping trip, carefully planning it all out, which I will discuss in detail.

Every time I go shopping online for groceries, I check out the Ibotta website/app to see what offers are available, clip the ones I want, and make sure I add the items to my cart that match the Ibotta offers. After my groceries get delivered to me, I receive a notification from Ibotta with an email stating I have received my Ibotta cashback rewards. 

Having done this process several times now, it does get a lot easier, and this will become a familiar process each time. Who knows, you might even find new tricks I had no idea about to maximize your earnings using the website/app.

Is Ibotta Legit?

Ibotta is still legit in 2023, and you can rest assured knowing you will receive your payment every time from Ibotta without issues. I can safely say I have never had any problems using the website or the app, and I continue to use the website/app to this day.

Ibotta Payment Proof

Attached is my latest payment proof from Ibotta to show you that I still use this app today. I still cannot recommend it enough to my friends and family. 

I wanted to write this review to inform people who want to learn more about the benefits of using the Ibotta app. For this reason alone, I hope you can further trust the legitimacy of this neat app.

Can You Get Support On Ibotta?

Of course! You can request support via a support ticket by navigating to account -> Help -> Submit a request. I have not had a reason to use the support yet. If this changes, I will update this part of the review to tell you about my experience.

Final Conclusion of The Ibotta App

Ibotta is a great cashback app that can earn you extra cash by doing the shopping you already do already. It’s never been easier to save on shopping/grocery trips, so why not try it out? Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy using Ibotta as much as I do. I wish you luck on your coupon-saving journey!

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