FreeDailyDollars Review – Is This GPT Site Legit In 2021?

by Mike Staples
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FreeDailyDollars Review

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In this FreeDailyDollars review, I’ll discuss ways you can earn money on this GPT (Get-Paid-To) site. I’ll also give you my take on whether I think that this site is legitimate or not.

The great news is, I’ve already cashed out a few times, so that goes to show that at the time of me cashing out, the site was legit.

Does that mean that the status could change in the future? Of course, and that’s why I’m here to update you on how this year is looking for FreeDailyDollars.

What is FreeDailyDollars?

FreeDailyDollars is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that will pay you for your hard work and time. They have different ways to earn on their site. Some of these activities are taking surveys, watching videos, presenting android & iOS games on your smartphone.

Those are some activities you can do to earn money, to mention a few, but I’ll go over more of what FreeDailyDollars has to offer here shortly.

Who Can Join FreeDailyDollars?

According to the Admin directly, I was told that all countries are welcome to join FreeDailyDollars.

Is FreeDailyDollars Free?

Just like the name, FreeDailyDollars is free to use. If you feel like signing up for a trial offer, or a discounted product, however, you can do that, but everything else is free.

I would suggest reading the description of each offer, so you know for sure that it’s not a paid offer. Most of the offers on this site are free to do.

What Are Others Saying About FreeDailyDollars?

Unfortunately, there is not too much information on this. From my research, I couldn’t find any reviews on TrustPilot, nor much on forums. I can, however, speak from experience.

I have already been paid four times from FreeDailyDollars, and I’m continuously getting paid by the owner of FreeDailyDollars. Now enough about that, let’s get on with the most important thing you probably want to know.

How Can You Earn On FreeDailyDollars?

Earning on FreeDailyDollars is exactly like most of your usual GPT sites you may already be using. You have quite a few ways to make money on this site, and I’ll be going over all of the ways to do so in order from the most popular first to the extras and less popular options last.


Companies will pay you to fill out those questionnaires you may have already done for free in your lifetime. The time it will take to complete varies from survey to survey, but generally, it’ll take anywhere from 5-30 minutes on average. Some that take longer will usually have much higher payout rates.

These are going to be your best bet when it comes to higher money earning potential per day. You will most likely find surveys to do every day, and almost anyone can do them!

Offer Walls

Offer walls are essentially walls of way more offers and surveys. You will find way more variety on the offer walls, and they’re just different companies that provide these offers and surveys for us, consumers, to complete.

Think of them as the new standard. Compared to all of the offers displayed on the regular offers page navigation in categories. This way, it’s more appealing, and you have way more variety.

Offer Contests

This one goes hand and hand with the surveys and offer walls. Competing in the offer contests is what is going to assist you in winning them. It’s a win-win for doing them anyway, and you’ll get to be extra competitive, and it’ll give you more motivation to do more each day.

Referring Other Users To FreeDailyDollars

That’s how I’m able to keep this blog going. When a user joins a GPT site under my referral link, it helps out the site tremendously. Do you know anyone on your friend’s list that would be interested in joining FreeDailyDollars?

Why not share your referral link with some people you know. Or make a video or post in forums. When a user joins FreeDailyDollars under your referral link, you will earn 10% of your level 1 referrals earnings. In addition to that, you will also earn 3% of your level 2 referrals earnings.

Promo Codes

These unique codes are found on their social media pages but can be found in your inbox on FreeDailyDollars as well.

Daily Jackpot

The daily jackpot is something that you have the chance of winning for collecting entries through offer completions. The jackpot amount doesn’t seem to pay out much either, so you’ll have a chance anyway to do what you would already be doing.

Daily Clicks

These are PTC (Paid-To-Click) ads that hardly pay anything, so the choice is yours. Unfortunately, these are also limited these days in the GPT industry.

The amount you can expect to earn from clicking these ads vary greatly. For example, one of them pays out 0.3 coins. You would have to click an ad that pays out that same amount 30 times to earn $0.09 (nine cents), which doesn’t seem like much to me.

How To Redeem Your Earnings For Rewards?

You can redeem your cash & coins for rewards by heading over to the “cashout” tab and clicking on either “cash withdraw” or “coins withdraw” and you’ll see what options they have available there in case anything changes.

At the time of writing this review, these are the following payment options I could find:

 PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, and Uber Cards.

Is FreeDailyDollars Legit In 2021?

FreeDailyDollars is legit in 2021, and I have already been paid several times this year, not to mention others in the GPT community have as well. I will have payment proof attached below to convince you further that FreeDailyDollars is legit in 2021.

Join FreeDailyDollars


Join FreeDailyDollars

Payment Proof

FreeDailyDollars Payment Proof
FreeDailyDollars Payment Proof 2

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