DollarPayMe Review – Over $90,000 Paid To Their Users

by Mike Staples
DollarPayMe Review

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Are you looking for multiple ways to earn money online? If so, DollarPayMe might be something you will like.

Before we dive into this DollarPayMe review, let’s talk about some important questions you might have.

What is DollarPayMe?

DollarPayMe is a new GPT site that launched in 2020. Ever since their launch, things have picked up fast. Now they are a very reliable way to make money.

Who Can Join DollarPayMe?

You must be 18 years of age or older to join DollarPayMe. Minors must have parental consent to participate in this GPT site and are void where prohibited by local governing laws.

What Are Others Saying About DollarPayMe On Trustpilot?

Not surprisingly, DollarPayMe has an excellent rating according to other users who regularly use the website. These reviews make a promising sign that you won’t have to worry about the legitimacy of DollarPayMe.

Can You Get Support From DollarPayMe?

You absolutely can! It’s pretty easy to do. Head over to the menu navigation bar and go under help, and you will find two different ways to contact DollarPayMe. The two options are contact us or create ticket.

How To Earn Money On DollarPayMe

It’s easy to start earning money on DollarPayMe, and there are multiple ways. Let’s begin by discussing the most popular way users earn money with this website.


Taking surveys is one of the easiest and most popular ways that many use to earn money. Surveys involve answering a series of questions related to the surveys you’re taking.

Although getting disqualified is normal, do not get overwhelmed by this. You will eventually get a survey to credit you. Weekends are typically the worst time to take surveys, as inventory is limited.

Offer Walls

Offer walls contain hundreds of tasks to do, with each of them offering something slightly different. After selecting an offer wall, a new popup window will show, and you can continue to browse and complete offers as needed.

There are currently 35 offer walls you can use to earn. With this many offer walls, you will have plenty of things to do and can reach your first payment quickly.

Offer Contest

Do you find yourself to be a bit competitive? Why not give it a go at the offer contests? Complete the most offers before the contest’s end date to win the prize for your current position.

Referral Contest

Do you know anyone that would be interested in joining and using DollarPayMe? Send them your referral link. When they sign up, they will become your referral for life.

You will earn a promo code for each referral. Although it doesn’t specify how much the promo codes are worth, it all adds to your next cashout.


Do you know anyone interested in joining and using DollarPayMe? Send them your referral link. When they sign up, they will become your referral for life. You will earn 15% of your referral’s earnings.

Promo Codes

You can submit promo codes for free points if you stumble upon them. Promo codes get posted on their social media, so be on the lookout for them.

How Much Are Points Worth?

Every point is worth $0.01.

1 Point = $0.01

5 Points = $0.05

50 Points = $0.50

100 Points = $1.00

500 Points = $5.00

1,000 Points = $10.00

How Much Money Can You Make With DollarPayMe?

You can only make so much money with DollarPayMe, but the amount depends on your location and how much time you have. Taking surveys and doing other tasks can take a lot of your time.

Some users can make $5-$25 per day. Others can make way more than that, but it truly depends on where you reside.

How To Redeem Your Earnings For Rewards

Redeeming your earnings for rewards is super easy. To do so, head over to the navigation menu bar at the top, go under the account tab and click Withdraw Cash.

Is DollarPayMe Legit?

I can assure you that DollarPayMe is a legit earning platform. I’ve received a payment from them and am working towards another one.

DollarPayMe Payment Proof

I have included my DollarPayMe payment proof attached below to illustrate that this GPT site is a legit earning platform to use to make money.

DollarPayMe Review Final Thoughts

That is what DollarPayMe offers in a nutshell. While they may not have the most ways to earn, you will still find a few different ways, and it doesn’t hurt to have extra options.

I hope I was able to provide you with a detailed review and was able to answer most of your questions about the site. I hope you have a great experience with DollarPayMe, and I wish you much luck.

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