Earning Money With Your Smartphone or Tablet Has Never Been Easier!

Below is a list of the best rewards apps the internet has to offer in 2021. The best part is, all of them are legitimate, so no need to think too much about its legitimacy.

(List is in no particular order)

#1 - MistPlay


Mistplay is one of the best reward apps for gamers who enjoy playing them on their smartphone or tablet. With Mistplay, you get to enjoy some of the most popular games on the Google play store which makes earning even more fun. 

  • Legit or Scam: Legit
  • Who Can Join:  Anyone with a Google Play account.
  • Signup Bonus: No
  • Payment Options: Amazon, Prepaid Visa, Google Play, Uber, Xbox, GameStop, PlayStation, iTunes, Starbucks, eBay, H&M, Nintendo, Spotify.
  •  Minimum Payout: $0.50 / 400 Units
  • Payment Time: Unknown
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