BankRollBucks Review – Monthly Offer Contests & Daily Jackpots

by Mike Staples
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BankRollBucks Review

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Earning money with GPT (Get-Paid-To) sites is one of the easiest ways to start making money online, and that’s when I think of BankRollBucks. With monthly offer contests, daily jackpots, and more, it doesn’t hurt to give BankRollBucks a look.

In my BankRollBucks review, we will discuss important details about this GPT site that you may want to know before creating an account and getting started. I also have payment proof attached at the end of this review, so you know it’s a legit site.

What is BankRollBucks?

BankRollBucks is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) website that rewards users for completing various tasks. Anyone can do these tasks so long as they meet the minimum join requirements, which I’ll discuss in a moment. The thing with GPT sites is that they don’t have any minimum requirements to get started, and no experience is necessary either.

Who Can Join BankRollBucks?

You must be at least 13 years of age with parental permission or older to join BankRollBucks.

BankRollBucks is open to everyone except for the following countries:

Bulgaria, China, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Islamic Republic of, Iraq, Israel, Maldives, Netherlands, Nigeria, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Ukraine, Vietnam

Is BankRollBucks Free?

Yes, BankRollBucks is free to use and join, and you will never have to pay anything to make money on BankRollBucks. That’s the beauty of GPT sites and making money online with them. You don’t ever have to worry about paying a dime.

What Are Others Saying About BankRollBucks?

After checking Trustpilot to see what other users had to say about BankRollBucks, I noticed there weren’t a whole lot of reviews to see. If there are ever more reviews on Trustpilot, I will reflect those changes here.

Can You Get Support On BankRollBucks?

You sure can! To get support directly from BankRollBucks, locate the menu at the top of the website and find the “Members” tab. From there, look for “Trouble Ticket” and click that option. You will be able to fill out the details, such as the subject and a detailed description of what you would like help with, so they can address your questions or concerns. It shouldn’t take too long to receive a reply, but be patient, and you will get a response in a short period, closer to 24-48 hours.

How Can You Earn Money On BankRollBucks?

There are many ways to earn money on BankRollBucks, but first, let’s go over the currency this GPT site uses, which can be converted to cash later on. They use “Bank Rolls” as their currency, so for example, if you own 1 Bank Roll, that would be the equivalent of one penny or $0.01. Further, if you own 10 Bank Rolls, it’s the same as owning $0.10, and if you had 100 Bank Rolls, you would have $1.00.

I think you get the point, but to clarify, either way, Bank Rolls and USD hold the same value, so it’s easy to understand, unlike some other GPT sites I’ve seen. The currency on this GPT site can get converted to Cash or Bank Rolls depending on which reward you would like to cash out, and it’ll be the same value.


Here you will find a few offers to do, but don’t expect to see a whole lot. The newer and better standard way of finding offers and other tasks is through the offer walls page, which we will discuss now.

Offer Walls

Find hundreds of tasks to do on offer walls, ranging from small payouts to high payouts with dedicated support for each offer wall. Depending on which country you live in will determine what tasks you have available.

PTC (Paid To Click) Offers

Get paid to click on PTC ads by viewing the websites for a set duration. It’s that easy, and the only other requirement along the way is solving captchas to verify that you are a person and not a robot.

Offer Contests

Here you will find a few offers to do, but don’t expect to see a whole lot. The newer and better standard way of finding offers and other tasks is through the offer walls page, which we will discuss now.

Daily Jackpot

Every day is an opportunity to score entries into the daily jackpot by doing what you typically would, completing surveys and other tasks. There is a daily jackpot at reset time, and a few winners get randomly chosen to receive the prize.

Promo Codes

These promo codes can get entered for bonus points whenever the owner decides to release a code on their social media or inbox directly on the site. It’s a nice little extra to get you going to your next cashout, so keep an eye out for these.

Invite a Friend

Share your referral link with friends or other people you know in your social circle and earn 25% of everything your referrals make.

How Can You Redeem Your Money On BankRollBucks?

To redeem your money on BankRollBucks, go up to the Navigation Menu -> Withdraw -> Cash Withdraw or Gift Card Withdraw. The minimum cashout for PayPal is only $1.00. TransferWise and Checks are $5.00 minimum cashout. 

I also noticed a message stating that you need to send a trouble ticket to get verified to receive payments. To send a trouble ticket, go up to the Navigation Menu -> Members -> Trouble Ticket -> Create Ticket.

Now make it clear in the subject field that this is about getting verified and fill out your message in the box and click “Create Ticket.” You will get a response as soon as possible, but I’ve seen responses in as little as a day to a few days from personal experience.

Is BankRollBucks Legit?

Yes, I can confirm that BankRollBucks is legit. I have recently received payment from them without any issues. I attached my BankRollBucks payment proof in this review to prove that BankRollBucks is a legit GPT site.

BankRollBucks Payment Proof

So you probably want to see some payment proof before deciding to join BankRollBucks, and I completely get it. In this case, I saved up enough for the minimum cashout, so you could see for yourself that BankRollBucks does pay their members.

Final Conclusion of BankRollBucks

BankRollBucks will earn you decent money for completing tasks that do not take that long to do, and there is no upfront experience required. With this in mind, I recommend joining BankRollBucks and participating in the monthly offer contest that runs every month to maximize your earnings.

To close out this BankRollBucks review, I would like to start by wishing you tons of luck and motivation while you earn because I know we could all use a little bit of it. Most importantly, however, enjoy the journey and appreciate where you began along this journey because we all get better in time. We don’t become experts overnight and certainly not in a few days.

You’ll appreciate it later on when you see all of your accomplishments and future goals. Are you ready to get started? Create a BankRollBucks account today!

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